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During our virtual coaching session, we can discuss issues you might be facing as a college student, like: relationships, time/attention management, self-care, identifying your purpose, talents, or passions, dealing with stress, exploring your identity, building courage and confidence, clarifying your values, career goals, etc.

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Learn the 7 Critical Areas to Develop before Graduating from College. Make the MOST out of your time in college and truly capitalize on those tuition dollars. Don’t leave college without taking this one of a kind course. It will prepare you for a lifetime of success.

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Is your campus looking for an engaging keynote speaker for your next training, program, or event? I provide keynotes and workshops on Overcoming Imposter Anxiety.

Thrive IN® Podcast

Thrive IN® is a life coaching podcast for college students. Believe me, you’ve come to the right place if you’re eager to become the highest and truest version of yourself while making the most of your time in college.

Praise From Some Awesome Students

“I have met few people who are as committed to leading with such a determined, authentic drive. Every conversation we had left me inspired to think more critically about my role as a leader. I was always intrigued by her unique perspective and ability to not only critically reflect but to promote others to do the same. Her willingness to be a vulnerable person only further added to her ability to be an effective leader. I am thankful to Dr. IJ for being an excellent role model.”
Adam O.
“I always walked away from our conversations motivated and inspired. Our conversations were the boosts that I needed to keep moving forward and refrain from feeling stagnant. They provided energy to continue reflecting and thinking throughout the week and we always reconnected to keep the conversations going.”
Blake S.
“My experience with Dr. IJ was truly an eye-opening one in regards to what I am capable of when we have an experienced and genuinely caring person guiding us along the way. Being a part of her small family cluster during LeaderShape was a gift because we got to observe and learn how to lead and facilitate productive conversations by example; truly essential to finding solutions. Dr. IJ constantly radiated authentic warmth, joy, insightful/motivating advice, and openness in helping and including others, so approaching her never felt burdensome. Her answers and guidance were always rooted in truth, knowledge, concern and she delivered it in a gentle and productive manner. She has an obvious and easy emotional connection to others and demonstrates such a vast understanding of the many resources available. The results of having Dr. IJ as a catalyst in my life will never be forgotten.”
Theresa N.
“Dr. IJ is an amazing student life coach. She possesses a cheerful aura that prevented moments from getting dull and boring. Usually I’m really shy in terms of sharing my past and experiences, but she showed that she cared.”
An H.
“I spent an entire week at a leadership institute where Dr. IJ was the head of my group. I immediately could tell that she has a great heart and is really dedicated to her work with students. She did a wonderful job facilitating my group and beautifully communicated with us. I loved my one on one time with her. I digested everything she had to offer. Hearing her observations about me helped me to embrace what I have and learn how to be more confident in my influence over others. Her feedback meant a lot to me, it was touching, and I am so humbled that she reached out to me in this way. I’m so happy that I got to meet such a wonderful human being. She helped me greatly as she was the coach that got the most out of me. She allowed me to be more vulnerable and learn that being this way is such a relief and okay thing to do.”
George L.
“Dr. IJ has been a joy and pleasure to work with. Her attitude towards helping me achieve my vision and goals has been nothing but positive. She inspires with her enthusiasm and infectious smile, encouraging us to pursue all the possibilities and overcome challenges students face when trying to approach the difficulties of life. Any opportunity to interact with her is invaluable and I'd recommend her guidance for all who are looking to lead their lives with integrity.”
Maggie J.

Praise From Some Awesome Students

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