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Thrive IN® is a life coaching podcast for college students. Believe me, you’re in the right place if you’re eager to become the highest and truest version of yourself while making the most of your time in college.

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Welcome to the Thrive IN® Podcast page! I’m so glad you’re here. I’m Dr. IJ, your host for this podcast. With a vision of a world where every college student is happy and thriving, I am dedicated to offering life tips that will help you navigate the hard stuff in life and guide you in achieving your biggest dreams.

While you’re visiting, check out the latest episodes. Have a topic in mind? I invite you to drop me a message to let me know. So excited for what you’ll gain from this show!

Thrive IN® Podcast

1. Debut

Thrive IN™ is a podcast just for you if you're excited about growing into your greatest self while making the most of your time in college!

2. Reflection

Dr. IJ shares insights about reflection, what it means, why it’s important for you to practice, and how to do it. Towards the end, Dr. IJ walks you through an exercise that will help you become more aware of things that are important to you and that deserve more of your attention.

3. Finding Belonging

Are you looking to make friends on campus who you can totally be your natural self with? In this session, Dr. IJ explains the difference between fitting in and finding belonging and shares tips on how to identify people you can be your full, authentic self with.

4. Starting the New Academic Year the Right Way

Dr. IJ shares some tips on how to start the academic year the right way. Dr. IJ also highlights the advantages of carrying out each tip. Song reference: Battle by David Guetta.

5. Self Care

Dr. IJ shares self-care strategies that can help you stay centered, focused, and at peace while navigating all of your responsibilities in college.

6. Overcoming Imposter Feelings

Have you ever felt like an imposter in class, at work, or in a leadership role? For this session, Dr. IJ talks about imposter feelings and offers tips on how you can overcome this common reaction and show up as your full and authentic self in any space you're in.

7. When Homesickness Strikes

Feeling homesick? It's that time of the year. This session offers tips on how to handle homesickness.

8. Millionaire by 30

You could actually become a millionaire or achieve your wildest dreams by or before the age of 30. Consistency is the key!

9. Coming Out

My guest Michael McCormack speaks about his experiences with coming out to his family and community and how he navigated college as a gay man.

10. Is College for Me?

My guest Jordan Paris speaks about an epiphany he had in college that propelled him to his entrepreneurial journey. Jordan also shares his provocative views on the college educational system and how he made the most of his time in college.

11. Motivating Yourself To Study

Tackle that daunting feeling. Get motivated to study!

12. How to Have an Epic Holiday Break

Learn tips for having an epic holiday break. You've worked hard over the semester, now it's time to rest, play, plan, and reconnect.

13. Why Am I In College?

The hard experiences in college can make you think, "What in the world am I even in college for? Is it worth the pain and suffering?" This episode is a refresher on why you are in college.

14. Depression in College

Gain insights on depression and tips on managing this experience as a college student.

15. Quarantine Edition – You’ve Got This

Gain insights on how you can handle the new reality presented by COVID-19 as a student.

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