How to Be a Leader

Ijeoma Nwaogu

There is no specific formula for showing good leadership, but there are a number of ways to demonstrate it. Here are some actions to consider as you lead within your sphere of influence:

· Learn constantly.

· Teach others and share resources.

· Encourage others.

· Identify the strengths in others and boast about them for those reasons.

· Be a mentor to someone who needs your support.

· Be inclusive of everyone in spaces you are involved in.

· Listen openly and actively when engaging with someone.

· Be proactive in anticipating the needs of others.

· When you have power and influence, share that privilege with others so that they can share their opinions and make their own choices.

· Be of service to those who need help.

· Embrace your unique qualities. By doing so, you encourage others to embrace theirs.

· Manage your emotions and never display anger to others.

· Operate with integrity.

· Be open to new ideas while remaining true to your identity and values.

· Set boundaries and take care of yourself first before you can address the needs of others.

· Show that you value others.

· Keep a positive attitude and hopeful outlook on life.

· Embrace your calling and passion. By doing so, you are moving towards achieving your greatest potential and inspiring positive change in the world.

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