Notes to Ponder for Greater Self-Awareness and Leadership Insights.
Ijeoma Nwaogu
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Career Development
Change Where You Are, Not Who You Are

You’ve likely experienced moments when you’ve felt like an outsider, unworthy of your surroundings, or …

5 Important Must-Know Facts about Leadership (Development)

Many people don’t understand the truths about leadership (development). Here are 5 common misunderstandings about …

How to Be a Leader

There is no specific formula for showing good leadership, but there are a number of …

Daily Success Checklist for Leaders

Consider these great reminders: #1: READ EVERY DAY Read or consume new information to advance …

You Have So Much to Offer

We are living in a time where massive numbers of people are earning more degrees. …

It’s Time to Put People Over Business

We are all experiencing collective trauma from this CoVid-19 reality, whether we are aware of …

For College Students

1. Thrive IN® – Debut

For College Students

2. Thrive IN® – Reflection

For College Students
Finding Belonging

3. Thrive IN® – Finding Belonging

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