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Ijeoma Nwaogu
8. Thrive IN® - Millionaire by 30

Welcome to Thrive IN™ and greetings from Houston, Texas. This is Dr. IJ. Your very own life coach. Thrive IN™ is a life coaching podcast for college students. And believe me, you are in the right place if you’re ready to grow into your greatest self, while making the most of your time in college. This is session number eight. And for this session, I want to share something that might be life changing for you.

First, Do you ever wonder what it takes to become a millionaire? How about a millionaire by the time you’re 30 years old? Well, I have a secret to achieving just that. You might be wondering how in the world is that even going to be feasible? I mean, only a certain amount of people get to become millionaires, right? But did you know that a goal like this is absolutely achievable for you?

Here’s how: Achieve small goals towards your ultimate goal every single day. Now hear me out. Let’s take laundry as an example. The ultimate goal is to have all your clothes folded neatly and tucked into your drawers, right? But there’s a step-by-step process involved in achieving that goal. Most of us don’t really like to do laundry, but we stick with it because we know that at the end, we’ll have a wonderful achievement of having clean clothes to wear the next day. So the processes is: you sort the colors out, then you start doing load by load. And then once the load is done, you put it in the dryer, see there’s a step by step process.

And then you’re achieving the small steps the small goals each time. Then after you remove your clothes from the dryer, you start folding the clothes nice and neatly. And then after that, you sort them into the designated drawer. And after that you have clean clothes to wear. And then guess what: you’ve achieved your ultimate goal. Now, that’s the same process when it comes to your life goals. If you want to become let’s say a famous singer, if you you want to become a successful entrepreneur, if you want to become the world’s best nurse, if you want to become an awesome salsa dancer, small steps towards your goal each day will get you there.

But here’s the key. The key is persistence and consistency. That’s it. If you complete little goals every single day, then guess what it’s going to add up and then you’ll ultimately get to achieve this bigger goal that you have in mind. When you think about yourself as a college student, what can you do? Think about those things that you’re passionate about doing. Think about the things that make you excited, the things that you’d like to devote your time, energy and resources to. For example, when I was in college, I discovered that I was so passionate about leadership development.

I mean, I wish someone like myself, like a life coach told me what I could have done to start building my platform. While I was in college. I mean, I was a psych major, sociology major, I loved those majors. But I knew that I had a deep passion for leadership development. But in my college, I didn’t see any major that was leadership development or anything like that. But I wish I really honed in on that and try to build a platform around that passion area while I was in college.

And by the time I hit 30 years old, I would have achieved multiple six figures, if not more, if I had developed this platform around personal development, leadership development, going across the world to be a speaker and speak on these topics, or to write books on the topics as early as I could, even starting in college, I could have done so many things. But I didn’t really know how to capitalize on that passion or even what to do to start building a platform around that passion.

Now I’ve seen success come around like this with this pattern of people starting off maybe as bloggers, and then they take their audience to Instagram. And then all of a sudden they have podcasts and then their audience is growing and growing. And then they start selling products and services. And now they’re on a national stage. And then they’re making millions of dollars each year because they’ve remained consistent in their craft since they were in college.

So my dear student, what I want to tell you is this, you are young, you have the energy to start something that you’re passionate about. And I encourage you to allow that passion area to grow. Now you may run into roadblocks along the way. And these roadblocks may discourage you like your academics, your relationships, anything can happen that kind of shifts your attention.

But one thing I know for sure, is that your passions don’t just vanish, they don’t easily go away. Oftentimes, they stay with you for a lifetime. And sometimes you will need to direct your focus on many important things. But the key is to get right back on track. And to not minimize the potential success you could have by being persistent and building a platform around your passions, or in achieving what you set out for yourself. So no matter what you want to do, I encourage you to start now. Achieve those small goals each week or every single day.

Never give up on a dream. If you have to put a pause on it for a while, do that. But I encourage you to pick it back up and keep adding and keep building. I believe you can build an empire for yourself. Anyone can if they just do it. That’s all it takes- persistence. I believe that if your goal is to become a millionaire or a multiple six figure individual or so by the time you’re 30, you will absolutely achieve just that. Just as sure as one plus one is two. It’s a formula. If you will accomplish your small goals towards your ultimate goal,

you will certainly see the success you’re looking for. It’s a wrap this whole thing up as you’re thinking about this- What’s that one thing that you are so passionate about? How can you build a platform around that one thing. So in doing this, I just want you to remember that real growth takes time, anything worth doing takes time. Sustainable success, I mean success that’s going to last you not just fickle success, sustainable success doesn’t happen over time.

You can use your small daily achievements as building blocks for your ultimate goal. I know you have the capacity to achieve anything you want to achieve. So that’s it, Thrivers. I invite you to connect with me at thrivinpodcast.com where you’ll find amazing resources just for you. So if you’re interested in being coached by me, feel free to connect with me using the contact form on my website, collegelifecoach.info.

If you loved what you heard during this session, I encourage you to rate and review this podcast on Apple Podcasts. This will help other college goers find this show. Now don’t you want all your friends to become millionaires too? Be sure to share this session with a friend. Send me a message on topics you’d like speak about. And don’t forget to follow and like me on social media using the handle DRIJCLC, which stands for Dr. IJ College Life Coach again, that’s DRIJCLC. I’m wishing you a safe, happy and thriving week. Join me for the next session. Love you.

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